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Marshall Motor Group is a trusted automotive service and solutions that has been displaying their high level of expertise for over a century. They believe in reassuring their customers that they will provide a successful, friendly and professional service every single time. Their 162 dealerships represent 26 leading global manufacturers, such as Ford, BMW, Audi and Skoda, just to name a few. They currently offer new and approved used cars as well as commercial vehicles from all their locations within the UK.


The friendly and widely trusted motor company didn’t have a system in place to manage their keys. The company would rely on themselves to make sure everything was in order, that each key was in the correct place and that they knew who had what key at what time. Playing the memory game became exhausting as it wasn’t very reliable. With the idea to make things easier and gain more organisation, the company contacted Keytracker for a solution.


After learning more about the company and what they wanted, Keytracker recommended one of the mechanical systems to help Marshall Motor Group with their issue. They started to use Keytracker’s Peg-in, Peg-out boards and after a while of having them, the staff have confirmed that the system has given them top-tier organisation and security as they now save at least 20 minutes a day on average.  

“Our service department currently use this system and it’s fantastic. It saves time, it’s secure and easy to use.”

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