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Oxford Brookes University is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence, innovation, and strong links with business and industry. They have over 150 years of history and started as a small School of Art in borrowed teaching rooms. They have since grown into one of the UK’s top modern universities with a local, national, and international reputation for teaching and research excellence. The university has much to be proud of and continues pushing itself and its students.


Oxford Brookes University had a standard key safe in multiple locations on-site as part of their key management process. This system worked for a while, but ultimately, it wasn’t as secure as they would have liked and caused a few accessibility issues. For example, the master key was misplaced. It resulted in having to replace all of the locks and keys, which is a frustrating and unnecessary expense.


Oxford Brookes University purchased an electronic key cabinet from KeyTracker for a more efficient and secure key management process and to prevent mishaps such as misplaced keys. They now have access to software that allows them to get an immediate visual on each key’s live status and the ability to control which user has access to which key. Another benefit, which has proven very useful for the academic institution, is managing all site keys from any location. 

Excellent support from KeyTracker all the way through from the sales team to the aftersales team. The installation team made the process very simple for us and the support once we were up and running was superb. 100 Security, caretaking, estates, and cleaning team members use the system. It is difficult to give a time saving but key security is a premium for us, and this system gives us that.

There were a few doubters when we proposed the KeyTracker system but once installed and the amazing benefits were seen the doubters soon disappeared. The control of our estates keys has been transformed. Prior to our install we had a master key lost requiring a building to have all the locks replaced. If the KeyTracker system had already been in place, we could have saved these costs.

KeyTracker was the best for us, excellent support from Sales all the way through to the after sales team. I would recommend their key systems to anyone.”

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