Chester Zoo

Since its establishment in 1934, Chester Zoo has focused on preventing animal extinction. They are now a registered charity, displaying their dedication to the cause at hand. While ensuring that all their visitors have a fantastic day at the zoo, the organisation is simultaneously striving to protect endangered animals worldwide.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key management system, Chester Zoo had a key management process which involved manually signing the keys in and out. This practice wasted a lot of time, produced a few security concerns, and left room for human error, such as the misplacement of the keys. Although there was a sign-in/out sheet, there was still confusion over who had what key, as they wouldn’t always be returned.


To solve this issue, Chester Zoo contacted Keytracker and, after careful consideration, decided to purchase the electronic key cabinet. The system has helped the organisation in many ways, including providing accurate audit reports of all key transactions; they now have complete visibility on which keys are missing and which user has them, and taking full advantage of the user-friendly interface.

“The best things about Keytracker’s key management system are the increased security, the enforced accountability, and the easy self-service process. Up to four hundred staff use the system daily, saving us twenty minutes a day on average. It’s a great product to enhance the business security of high-grade keys with the ability to upscale where required and ensure the accountability is maintained in an auditable format.”

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