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The award wining contract logistics provider, MiniClipper Logistics was established and strategically placed in the heart of Bedfordshire, right between London and Birmingham. Offering 24-hour warehousing and distribution across the whole UK, has allowed the company to provide their excellent service throughout the nation. With an astonishing fleet of over 40 vehicles and 450,000 square feet of warehouse space, they’re able to support any business’ end to end supply chain needs.


Before being in introduced to Keytracker’s system, MiniClipper Logistics’ previous key management process consisted of a free-vend keyboard without controls. Although free-vend keys can be very useful they’re not very secure and they don’t keep your keys organised or easily accessible.


The company made the decision to purchase a mechanical system from Keytracker to solve their key management issues and they did not regret it. Their new system allows them to have maximum control and process the keys without the need for manual intervention. They can now monitor them with the added knowledge of who has what key. Another benefit of the Keytracker system is that the company now saves approximately 3 hours a day on searching for and monitoring keys.

“Well worth the investment to ensure the correct management and security over costly assets while improving internal processes that are favoured by insurance service providers. We now have Increased key security and ownership of key management between drivers/operators”

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