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The Keyholding Company are one of the UK’s leading keyholding and alarm response specialists. They show the industry the speed of their response when alarm bells ring, covering 99.8% of the UK’s postcodes. They believe their combination of people power and award-winning technology can drive better, more efficient security services.   


The Keyholding company had a lot of keys that were constantly being misplaced, and they needed to know for sure where they were or who had them last. To solve this issue, they implemented a bespoke key management solution from Keytracker to help with traceability. However, as the company has continued to grow, they’ve decided they need something more significant to help manage all their keys more efficiently.


After contacting Keytracker, the Keyholding Company invested in the electronic cabinet, a much bigger system to manage all their keys. Their keys are now in an organised space, allowing quick access for all authorised staff members. All authorised personnel can access the keys without using external computer devices to log each key transaction. Also, the manager can remotely access the software embedded into the system, which allows them to monitor the system from any location.  

“We have about ten people that use the system throughout the week. We are a 24/7 business, and the keys are in constant use. I would say that we probably save a couple of hours a day by using the Keytracker rather than our usual way. The best thing about the Keytracker system is the quick access to all of our keys and knowing when and by whom the keys were taken/returned. Possibility of running the reports easily or just checking quickly just by logging in onto the platform. It is a MUST-HAVE for anyone with keys constantly taken and returned from/to one place!” 

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