Elis is an international multi-service provider, offering textile, hygiene and facility service solutions. They ensure that their products are designed and maintained to provide superior functionality and durability for their customers. They started off with offering linen services which became their core business but then Elis diversified by offering facilities services (e.g., water coolers, coffee machines, floor mats) followed by a pest control service.


Elis has been providing different solutions for their customers since 1883 and have never failed to deliver an organised service. They need all items and information for the different sectors to be organised and trackable and an efficient key system would help with that but unfortunately, they didn’t have one. Elis were making the most out of a key box on the wall but later decided it was time for a change.


Elis spoke to a member from Keytracker’s sales team and told them about the problems they were experiencing with their old system and what they wanted. The Keytracker member stayed with Elis through the whole decision-making process and concluded that the mechanical peg system was exactly what they company needed. They’re now able to see if a key is missing and who has what key on a daily basis.

“The best thing about the Keytracker system is easy visuals to see if a key is missing. Thank you to Louise Kinsella for the great service and for dealing with me over the weeks of us deciding what system to order. Her direction in the end was what we ended up with.”

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