RFiD Signal Blocking Key Pouches

9.30 +TAX


Innovative new product to store keyless fobs to prevent vehicle theft via relay attacks

  • Simply store car key fobs in the signal blocking pouch and seal
  • This will instantly stop the transmission of the signal from the car key, preventing thieves from being able to ‘boost’ it
  • Achieved the coveted Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification
  • A high-quality faraday pouch designed to store vehicle fobs to prevent vehicle theft.
  • Weight: 0.029kg

Every pouch includes 3 anti-tamper seals;

  • 1 to seal the key to the inside of the pouch (preventing individual key theft) via the loop inside the gold RFID pouch
  • 1 to seal the pouch to any other keys and/or key fob, torch or Keytracker board fob, etc.
  • 1 spare in case the vehicle is changed.

These anti-tamper seals may be personalised with dealership or other details (at extra cost)

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