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KeyTracker’s intelligent locker systems in ‘Personal Item Storage’ mode allows organisations to provide a self-service storage location where staff, students and visitors can securely store belongings such as keys and purses and re-charge personal items such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other valuables.

Ideal for any environment, these automated lockers enable individuals to borrow a locker compartment for a short period of time, providing a hassle-free service for users needing to quickly deposit and retrieve belongings to suit them.

​Power facilities can be included within the lockers, enabling users to power up digital devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets whilst being stored securely. Boasting powerful web-based back-end software for total management control, these systems can be setup in a free-to-use or pay-to-use capacities.

Providing a fully automated service, cutting edge technology accommodates locker pre-booking with locker availability shown via the web, app or through a third-party integration.

Personal Item Storage-configured intelligent locker systems offers secure short-term storage for a range of users and in a variety of settings, creating a fully safe and innovative user experience.

Allowing visitors, staff and students to store and charge items securely in a central onsite location encourages an
increase in dwell-time. This can help direct extra footfall to certain areas, promoting longer stays and bigger customer spends – optimising use of space whilst achieving greater profitability.

Personal Item Storage unit with 6 lockers, inbuilt camera, auto emails, QR reader and touchscreen at £3995 or £40/week – additional 10 locker units at £2995 or £30/week.
Other units in many sizes available.

Get in touch with the team today for your no-obligation or to request a demonstration of this intelligent Personal Item Storage locker solution.

24 Locker System Rental Option £95 per Week

The main benefits of KeyTracker’s intelligent locker systems for ‘Personal Item Storage’ include:

  • Visitors, staff and students can store and charge items securely in your location
  • Increase dwell-time in certain areas or direct footfall, encouraging customers to stay longer at your venue
  • In-compartment charging via mains or USB increases safety and connectivity
  • Locker access can be assigned to specific user accounts through access card/fob integration or one-time use modes can be created for visitors using contactless card or PIN codes
  • Lockers can be used without cost or they can be installed to monetise locker access and charging in public areas
  • Systems can be managed through web-based software, accessible via LAN, Wi-Fi or 4G
  • Access control system integration options for known user setup, allowing users to be imported and integrated with existing systems
  • User groups can be added and permissions set accordingly
  • Selective access to specific locker compartments within each system
  • Free-to-use or pay-to-use services can be operated for both pre-registered users and/or random users
  • Extensive audit trail of all locker activity and system usage
  • Access via Pin code, QR code, card swipe or fingerprint
  • HD colour photo captures each transaction
  • Stand alone or fully networked configuration
  • In-built web server and wifi connectivity for easy management


KeyTracker iLockerz Intelligent Lockers Information Sheet

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