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The Intelligent Business Asset Solution

KeyTracker Intelligent Lockers offer an advanced solution to Business Asset Loans. Used for the automated management, storage and charging of important equipment, KT intelligent locker systems enhance security and improve workplace efficiency whilst also reducing theft, damage and loss.

Configured in ‘Business Asset Loans’ mode, KeyTracker’s intelligent locker systems allow users to access shared equipment using various entry methods, including PIN or QR code entry, fingerprint scan or RFiD card.

Enabling organisations to make essential items and equipment readily available to those who need them at all times, these systems minimise disruption and help users to become more productive.

Advanced software is built in to each locker system to provide real-time information of items being collected and returned. Automatically generating a full audit trail detailing each transaction, KT lockers ensure each item can be tracked whilst device usage data is always easily accessible.

Implementing an intelligent locker system for business asset loans provides a fully automated management solution, removing the need for standard inventory monitoring, whilst preventing equipment from becoming misplaced, lost or stolen.

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, KeyTracker intelligent locker systems are relied upon by a wide range of organisations across the world, from schools, colleges and universities to logistics companies, hospitals and the emergency services. Wherever there is a pool of assets which need to be accessed by numerous approved users, KT lockers can be installed to provide the optimum management solution.

KeyTracker intelligent lockers offer an affordable solution which can be purchased, leased or rented from as little as a few pounds per asset and – as these systems have been proven to extend the lifetimes of various digital and electronic devices –  all organisations can expect clear value and ROI.

Drop off & collection unit with 6 lockers, inbuilt camera, auto emails, QR reader and touchscreen at £3995 or £40/week – additional 10 locker units at £2995 or £30/week.
Other units in many sizes available.

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24 Locker System Rental Option £95 per Week

The main benefits of KeyTracker’s intelligent locker systems for ‘Business Asset Loans’ include:

  • Secure locker design
  • ​Store laptops, tablets, phones, scanners, tools, cameras, radios, or any other important items
  • Secure and automate business assets
  • Pre-booking module option
  • Ensure devices are returned
  • ​In-compartment charging options via plug or USB
  • Powerful web-based software and reporting
  • Access control and 3rd party database integration (i.e. LDAPS) capabilities to automatically import and integrate users with existing systems/infrastructure
  • Add user groups and set permissions
  • Grant access to particular assets and preset times
  • Access all asset activity and usage data via the advanced web-based portal
  • Stand alone set-up or fully networked configurations
  • Access systems from anywhere via 4G, Wi-Fi or LAN
  • PIN entry, QR code, card swipe or fingerprint access


Intelligent locker systems for business asset loans can be configured to provide automated services for a range of devices and other essential equipment including, but not limited to, the following:

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