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By implementing Keytracker’s systems, transport and fleet companies can ensure secure and traceable vehicle access, reducing the risk of unauthorised use or theft. The transport & fleet sector is vast, and with experience in airports, rail, and private hire vehicles, Keytracker can help prevent downtime and losses caused by lost or stolen keys, improving operational efficiency, and reducing costs.

Whether you need to manage vehicle fleet keys or storage for tools and equipment, Keytracker has a solution to transform your key and asset management process. Keytracker's intelligent lockers can store and charge equipment such as phones, laptops, and radios to be ready for the next person to use. Our lockers make storing keys for vehicles simple with authorised access only and tracking software.

In addition, the mechanical system would provide an organised location for all keys and an immediate visual of who possessed which key. Alternatively, Our electronic systems only allow allocated users access to the secure keys; however, this solution is more advanced, presenting features such as real-time monitoring, multi-factor authentication, cloud hosting, and many more.

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Charging Asset Lockers for Secure Fleet Management

Always charged and easily located equipment keeps your team working efficiently. By assigning specific lockers to personnel or projects, you foster a sense of responsibility for the equipment that’s assigned to them. A fleet of lorry drivers would benefit from an organised way of identifying which key is for which vehicle but also having intelligent software to track the recent usage of keys or equipment needed for navigating, loading, or scanning can be tagged too.

Additionally, Keytracker’s systems are ideal for train stations, airports, and bus stations, for users or the company’s benefit. Storage lockers are convenient in stations and mobile phone charging points often essential for passengers. Passengers can safeguard their valuables with peace of mind, knowing their items are protected within the locker's robust construction and secure locking mechanisms. This deters theft and allows passengers to relax during their travels. At the same time, staff can have authorised access to keys, vehicles and spaces containing devices or equipment.

Regain Control Over Your Security

Learn more about your operation and organisation when you take control of your key management. Hold staff responsible for returning equipment and keys and save time tracking people down for misplaced.  By taking charge of your key management system, you gain a deeper understanding of how your entire operation or organisation functions. You'll see which areas require stricter access control and identify potential security weaknesses. This newfound control also extends to your staff. Implementing a clear system for key and equipment return makes everyone responsible. No more wasted time chasing down missing items or wondering who has access to sensitive areas. A well-organised key management system streamlines operations, strengthens security, and gives you back valuable time and peace of mind.

Choose Keytracker for Better Key Management

Keytracker offers a variety of key management systems designed to meet the specific needs of utility companies. Our solutions for key management range from cost-effective mechanical systems to advanced electronic cabinets and software. We can seamlessly integrate all options into an organisation; they’re simple to use and will only require a small staff training session to ensure all colleagues use them correctly.

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