Transport & Fleet

Keep your daily operation running smoothly by securing and monitoring your valuable keys and equipment whilst keeping them easily accessible.

The transport & fleet sector is vast and with experience in airports, rail and private hire vehicles, Keytracker is well placed to help assist with increasing operational efficiency and security.

From customer-facing solutions such as intelligent charging asset lockers that enable customers to use the system for the securing and charging of mobile devices, to the secure management of keys for signal boxes at the coal face of the rail industry, we can help.

Managing fleet vehicles is a challenging task without the addition of managing the keys to those fleets. As well as enabling users to identify who has which vehicle keys at a glance, our systems provide additional layers of security by allowing only allocated users access to each key.

Implementing a Keytracker system makes staff responsible for managing the fleet keys can save valuable time and remove the risk of theft, unauthorised access and improve fleet vehicle availability.

“The system has saved the team time recording and locating vehicle keys in the fleet, it has also made the reporting process we follow more accurate, especially in the calculations of staff overtime claims.” Jeremy Barnes, Passenger Transport Supervisor at Coventry City Council

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