Transport & Fleet Key Control System

24 October 2023

 Increase Operational Efficiency

The transport and fleet sector manages vehicles that businesses rely upon for their services and that people depend upon to travel. Efficiently managing transport and fleets requires safe and secure control of key systems. With keys going missing, or assets lost or stolen, the impact can be very disruptive. KeyTracker has a transport and fleet key control system that enhances security and helps the sector to run smoothly.

Our Products and Their Benefits

Mechanical Systems

KeyTracker’s mechanical solutions make tracking keys and assets easy to do and reliable. Without the need for electronics or wifi, they’re affordable systems. The simplicity of our mechanical systems gives options to different companies and their needs. A transport and fleet key control system includes…

Retention Pegs & Peg-in, Peg-out - This system is simple but effective for staff working in the fleet sector. For efficient key management, you need to be able to track and trace keys within the facility. Knowing who currently has hold of a key or who last had it, is easier to trace as only people with an access peg can take out a key. If you use colours to track members of staff then you will know exactly who removed a key and currently possess it. This system can work for sectors of all sizes as our board sizes adapt to multiple key capacities. For a fleet key control system, the peg-in, and peg-out boards work efficiently to enhance key management and vehicle control.

Magnetic Blocks – Similar to peg boards, our magnetic blocks work to pair up a key with a vehicle; this system works great in the automotive sector. This fleet key control system works by sticking a numbered block to a vehicle, and the key for that vehicle is numbered on a board, somewhere safe by the key managers. This makes identifying keys simple for drivers and keeps track of when keys are returned.

Mechanical Lockers – Our digital storage lockers are great for keeping things safe and secure for both business assets and personal items of staff. Fleet and transport drivers can store small possessions in our lockers with digital key access only. Our lockers are great for keeping small-scale equipment like electronics secure. For a transport and fleet key control system, mechanical lockers are low maintenance and user-friendly. With the risk of theft and unauthorised access removed, your business will run smoothly and fleet vehicles will be available and prepared for the day.

Complete Block System

Electronic Systems

E-track systems like electronic cabinets use technologies to make controlling the larger capacity of keys more manageable. Suited to larger companies with more fleet vehicles or the transport sectors like airports and train stations, KeyTracker’s cabinets use web-based software to analyse key movement.

E-Track System – Easy to use and effective for tracing keys within your business, our cabinets are connected to a database where data is stored. Using facial recognition, RFID and fingerprint biometrics, keyholders and the history of a key’s movement are traceable around a facility. The cabinets can only be accessed by authorised staff and with the regular upkeep of software and backing up data, the software is simple to use and a very effective large-scale fleet key control system.

E-Track Accessories- Fobs, signal-blocking key pouches and cable seals are just a few examples of additional key security features that only enhance the efficiency of the electronic systems.

Software – For a transport and fleet key control system that improves the security of your key management, installing software can significantly improve your productivity. With more accountability for the staff using the keys, you’ll be able to understand key movement better.

Lockers – For transport sectors especially, lockers are important for storing assets and charging equipment safely and securely. They’re beneficial for the public and staff working shifts in need of storing their belongings. Our intelligent lockers can be accessed at any point throughout the day or night, making them convenient. Our charging lockers mean the public can charge their phones, laptops, or tablets safely in transport stations, but aslo they’re popular in education, and in public spaces like malls too.

KeyTracker’s Case Studies

We have worked with many companies to improve their key management by implementing systems that are suited to their business size and needs. We worked with Mini Cooper Logistics who have a fleet of over 40 vehicles, to improve their management. They now save valuable time from day to day, allowing them more productivity and organisation.

We also installed a mechanical system for OnPoint Logistics to reduce their chances of misplacing keys and locating who is in possession of them. They benefitted from our fleet key control system as it meant no more confusion or frustration locating keys.

KeyTracker has served logistics and transport companies for years, improving their efficiency in a key control system. Our products are suited to multiple industries, bringing peace of mind, organisation and improved safety to many businesses.

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