Intelligent Lockers

A Smart Solution from Keytracker

Keytracker’s affordable range of intelligent electronic locker systems provide a smart, secure and effective storage solution which enable organisations to improve processes or to extend service options for customers.

​Incorporating touchscreen control or web software to enable greater management and reporting where required, intelligent lockers also deliver a simple and easy-to-use user experience.

Using advanced software, each system can be configured in a range of different key modes to suit the individual requirements of each organisation, providing solutions to a variety of challenges…

Business Asset Loans provide greater control over the devices and equipment essential to an organisation’s effective operation. Not only automating access to users collecting or returning items, the systems allow admin to track assets in real-time and generate reports when needed.

Personal Item Storage mode offers staff, students, or visitors a self-service storage location where personal items such as mobile phones, laptops and other valuables can be securely stored and recharged for short periods of time, helping to boost productivity whilst offering peace of mind.

Drop-Off & Collection allows organisations to extend its services by offering a convenient location where items can be dropped off or collected 24/7. Items are stored securely between transactions and as the automated systems offer a contactless out-of-hours service, organisations can increase profitability and deliver an enhanced experience for customers.