e200 Key System

Keytracker Electronic Key Management Systems operated from a 5 or 10” capacitive touch screen control panel with PIN, card or fingerprint access, incorporate static key management for buildings and estates teams or dynamic key management for fleets or vehicle key management where keys may move between sites and cabinets.
Every cabinet includes a unique webpage for fast easy access to authorised users – simply brilliant.

The e200 is part of the wide range with 10 key positions wide and an offset track layout to improve hanging space for key bunches.

Full redundancy is covered with battery backup and manual key override in case of building and system power outage with further resilience in case of data connection loss allowing for the systems to operate for a minimum of 1 month without connection to the server.

Cloud hosting available.

Further options include:

  •  Locking or Non-Locking Tracks – each individual key position can have an additional solenoid that will only release that set of keys if the user is permitted or licensed for access.
  •  Static or Dynamic Key Positions – every set of keys are attached to an rfid identifier, so they may be returned anywhere or to any cabinet and always recognised (dynamic), but for faster visual access they may also be numbered to match their board position (static).
  •  10” HD Touchscreen Controller or 5” HD with metal Keypad Controller – same cost, your choice
  •  Fingerprint, PIN or Card Access – May be used with any existing access cards.

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Max key positions – 200

Dimensions incl. plinth and controller (mm) (HxWxD) – 1870 x 980 x 180

Controller Options – 5″ screen with stainless steel keypad or 10″ touch display

Weight (Kg) – 135

Colour – RAL 7016, Anthracite Grey

Door options – Clear polycarbonate, dark transparent, solid steel or reinforced secure

Warranty – 24 months

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