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Food Packing and Packaging Plants

Keep your daily operation in food processing running smoothly by securing and monitoring your valuable keys and equipment whilst keeping them easily accessible.

Ensuring keys and tools are kept secure & readily available can be a tricky balance to maintain, however this is achievable with our key & asset management systems.

Shadow Boards can be upgraded by adding our Single Unit’s (T1) to them subsequently increasing the organisation and security of your valuable machine tools.

Contractor and employee safety when maintaining factory machinery is vital to all food processing companies, with our Lock Out, Tag Out (LOTO) system we can ensure that you will know who is managing which machine at a glance.

For the food industry, we offer Metal Detectable Access & Retention Pegs which means that any pegs that get lost when processing the food are easy to detect and withdraw.

Whilst keeping keys & assets secure our products also increase accountability by making sure that you can see who has which key or asset at any time simply by just glancing at the system.

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Improved Security

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