Waste Management

In this industry, there is a high demand for efficient management of equipment and assets, such as waste disposal trucks and containers. Keytracker’s solutions provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for managing these valuable assets. By implementing Keytracker’s systems, waste management companies can ensure that their assets are secure and easily accessible when needed.

Workplace productivity and security will improve immensely through the use of both mechanical and electronic key cabinets. Both solutions ensure that only authorised personnel can access the keys, eliminating the risk of prohibited access from other individuals. This also enhances security as no individual without their peg can retrieve a key from the mechanical system, and only individuals with access to the authentication method can retrieve a key from the electronic cabinet. Additionally, both solutions allow you to visualise who has what key at that specific time. The electronic cabinet provides a full audit report of each key transaction.

Mechanical Systems Peg Board Sizes

Electronic or Mechanical Solutions from Keytracker

Mechanical solutions are ideal for waste management plants or recycling centres that are smaller, with fewer employees and lower risks of human handling and error. Ranging from 5 to 150 keys, Keytracker’s Peg-In, Peg-Out boards are a great solution for smaller businesses, ensuring the security and transparent management of keys for the business. With the accompaniment of cabinets for the boards, and mechanical accessories, you can find the complete solution with Keytracker, ensuring that every member of staff has their own peg colour, always giving accountability and traceability of assets.

Similarly, Keytracker’s electronic solutions offer a range of benefits for larger waste management plants or recycling centres that operate in a faster moving environment with more employees. Giving full audit reports and authorised access, they cabinets can ensure that only specific members of the team have access to keys, and their access if tracked at every stage via Key Control Software that is integrated into the electronic cabinets. Much like the mechanical solutions, these electronic cabinets also use retention pegs to remove keys, giving a secondary method of tracing who has removed keys at any time.

Depending upon the size of your waste management business, Keytracker have the right solution for your business needs.

Why Choose Keytracker

For more than 25 years, Keytracker has provided mechanical and electronic solutions for asset and key management to a wide range of market sectors. Keytracker is known for its high-quality solutions and ability to supply these throughout a large range of market sectors, including the automotive sector, property and estates, waste management, retail, and many more. We realised the need for a solution to multiple keys and assets and responded with products designed and manufactured for businesses.

We supply into 16 worldwide sectors and have a plethora of case studies to support our incredibly successful solutions throughout our global network. Discover the most effective solution for your company's needs by reading more about our products online or getting in touch with our knowledgeable staff today.

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