Securing keys and assets is crucial for guest safety and satisfaction in the hospitality industry. This can help hospitality businesses maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, such as those related to safety and security. Additionally, Keytracker’s key management systems can help hospitality businesses save time and money by eliminating the need for manual key management processes and reducing the risk of lost or stolen keys.

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With Keytracker's key control software, hospitality businesses can easily manage and track the movement of keys and access control, providing real-time visibility and control over who has access to which areas and when. The software also offers customisation options to fit the specific needs of the hospitality business, such as assigning different access levels to various staff members and setting up alerts for overdue keys.

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Asset Management in Restaurants

Restaurants and cafés that use tablets to submit orders or rely on contactless payments will require the secure storing and charging of devices for their businesses to run smoothy. Storage lockers will also be of benefit to staff to store their personal items or uniforms in areas of unauthorised access.  Keytracker has intelligent charging lockers that are ideal for use in hospitality as we can supply reliable and secure spaces as well as track the usage of keys and equipment. Allow for uninterrupted services with charged devices, and smooth-running payments so your customer service can excel.

Hotels & Entertainment Spaces

Business relies on the satisfaction of your customers and with an environment that prioritises this, you’re already succeeding. Choose Keytracker for our easy-to-use mechanical systems and install peg-in peg-out cabinets to track key usage in hotels or manage their exchanges in companies that are large scale with many members of staff. We can adapt the number of hooks needed as well as the size of the robust cabinet of choice so that small businesses or larger ones can benefit from organised key management. Imagine the frustration a guest experiences when faced with a lost room key. Keytracker eliminates this hassle by providing a clear and organised system for key storage and retrieval, so you don’t have to keep your visitors waiting.

In hotel environments, there is a quick changeover and a need for fast-paced cleaning. With many staff turning over every room after a guest’s stay, there are lots of keys in use that will need tracking and tracing. Our software is designed to make tracking the movement of keys simple and informative. By adding a barcode or QR code to the device or keys being used, a simple scan will allocate responsibility to a user. It’s a flexible way for any business to manage valuable assets but is particularly convenient for hospitality where staff and visitors are always coming and going.

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Foster a sense of responsibility when you invest in a Keytracker key management system. Whether your business would benefit from our mechanical, or electrical options, our cost-effective lockers, cabinets, and accessories are ideal for hospitality. Keytracker understands the importance of budget-conscious solutions in the hospitality industry. That's why we offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Discuss your options with a member of our team to find the best-suited products for your business environment and what it is you prioritise to succeed in a smooth-running business.

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