Prisons & Secure Buildings

Effective management of keys and assets is crucial for maintaining a secure and controlled environment within buildings such as prisons, banks, or mental health facilities. The system helps prevent unauthorised access, reduces the risk of key loss or theft, and enhances overall security measures. By investing in Keytracker’s key and asset management systems, the prison and security industry can enhance operational efficiency, improve security measures, and maintain a highly controlled and secure environment. 

Our Recommendations

Keytracker's loss prevention solutions, such as the RFID Airlocking and Mapping, can be placed in an area to monitor the removal of any valuable keys or equipment. By installing a series of RFID readers around the building, whether within the walls or ceiling, you'll be able to track the pathway of each tagged item. Similarly, Keytracker's RFID Gateway introduces intelligence to your room with an external caged unit that will record all users and items passing through it. 

Keytracker's intelligent lockers provide a secure storage location for all equipment, weapons, and personal belongings. With charging compartments and various access control methods, these lockers are an excellent option for any organisation looking for a solution to keep their essential assets out of the wrong hands. 

Loss prevention in warehouse

Within high security facilities, ensuring that you know where your assets are at all times is crucial. Keytracker’s Loss Prevention Solutions provide this with ease. Utilising RFiD (Radio Frequency Identification), these solutions can be used to track all tagged assets across buildings and locations with ease and fully transparency.  

Keytracker offer RFiD Mapping, Airlocks and Gateways, all designed to give you a clear idea of where your assets are.  

RFiD Airlocks: These are designed to track and map within a new or existing airlocked area. The RFiD components are sealed within the walls or ceiling of the room and will track all tagged activity within the room.  

RFiD Mapping: Similarly to the RFiD Airlock, this allows you to track tagged activity but across an entire building or site area.  

RFiD Gateway: Typically used for weaponry or high security rooms, this gateway allows tracking of tagged items in and out of the room, giving you a clear audit of items that have been removed and correctly re-stored.  

Keytracker also supply a range of intelligent locker solutions that ensure your personal belongings are kept safe during working hours in high security settings. From business asset lockers to personal item storage, these ensure that you can keep your assets safe, even charging your device whilst you work! 

Business Solutions by Keytracker

Keytracker has been providing mechanical and electronic solutions to several market sectors for key and asset management for over 25 years. Keytracker has built a strong reputation for providing excellent services in a range of industrial sectors, including entertainment, real estate and estates, transportation & fleet, and hospitality, ever since we realised that there was a need for a solution combining numerous keys and assets.   

We are able to supply into 16 global sectors, therefore we can support our very successful solutions with a variety of case studies for our global network. See our items online or get in touch with our knowledgeable staff to discover the perfect answer for the demands of your company. 

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