In the fast-paced leisure sector, key and asset management is crucial for maintaining seamless operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and upholding stringent security measures. KeyTracker’s key and asset management solutions have been specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the leisure industry, delivering a system that is robust, reliable, and easily integrated into existing workflows. 

Our Recommendations for Leisure:

KeyTracker's mechanical peg-in, peg-out board is an easy-to-use solution for keeping track of essential keys, ensuring they are accounted for and accessible when needed. KeyTracker's intelligent locker provides a reliable and comprehensive solution for managing keys, equipment, and other valuable assets. This helps prevent loss or damage to valuable equipment, which can result in costly downtime or repairs. Investing in KeyTracker's solutions can help the leisure industry improve efficiency, enhance security, and ultimately provide a better experience for employees and visitors alike. 

Mechanical Systems Peg Board Sizes

KeyTracker offers a range of intelligent lockers to suit a variety of business needs, including business asset lockers, personal item storage and drop-off and collection lockers. Particularly for the leisure sector, personal item storage lockers are key to ensuring that your belongings always stay safe. The additional benefit of KeyTracker’s personal item lockers is that they include the ability charge your devices whilst in situ, meaning that your technology is ready to go once you have finished your leisure activities.  

A great solution for those in the leisure sector that aim to ensure they customers assets remain secure at all times.  

KeyTracker’s most popular mechanical solution, peg-in, peg-out boards ensure that your keys remain secured at all times. With the use of retention pegs, they can be tracked down if removed due to the traceability that our solutions provide, reducing the likelihood of keys being misplaced. Our peg boards are available in a range of sizes, ranging from 5 keys to 150 keys, meaning that you can tailor your solution to your business needs, allowing room for future growth too.  

From full accountability to customer satisfaction KeyTracker’s solutions have been designed with your business in mind. Start investing in your key and asset management within the leisure sector today.  

KeyTracker have been supplying a variety of market sectors with both mechanical and electronic solutions for their key and asset management for over 25 years. Having recognised the need for a solution to multiple keys and assets, KeyTracker is renowned for our high-quality solutions and ability to provide these within a vast range of market sectors including the automotive sector, property and estates, hospitality, retail and many more.  

With supply into 16 sectors across the world, we have a range of case studies to back our highly effective solutions across out global network. Read more about our solutions online or contact our experienced team today to find the most efficient solution for your business needs.  

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