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Efficiently managing keys and assets is paramount for maintaining security and operational readiness. KeyTracker’s wide range of products ensures that no prohibited or unauthorised person has access to restricted areas and sensitive equipment. Additionally, KeyTracker’s systems improve inventory management processes, eliminating manual record-keeping and reducing administrative burden. 

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The electronic key cabinets solution's customisable features allow for different access levels, permissions, and audit trails, ensuring accountability and compliance with stringent military standards. Investing in KeyTracker's key and asset management systems enables the military and defence industry to enhance operational efficiency, strengthen security protocols, and maintain a state of constant readiness. 

Electronic solutions

KeyTracker’s Electronic Solutions offer you a means of future proofing your key and asset management with ease. From intelligent lockers to loss prevention means and electronic peg board cabinets, we have the right solution for your Military and Defence needs.  

Our electronic cabinets, ranging from 30 keys to 200 keys, ensure that your keys are tagged and able to be fully tracked when removed from the cabinet. With key control software integrated into each unit, you can ensure that only authorised users have the ability to access keys, with a transparent log of user activity at all times too.  

Key & Assets Security for Military & Defence

For more than 25 years, KeyTracker has offered mechanical and electrical solutions for key and asset management to a variety of business sectors. Since we recognised that there was a need for a solution combining multiple keys and assets, KeyTracker has established a solid reputation for offering top-notch services in a variety of industrial sectors, including entertainment, real estate and estates, transportation & fleet, and hospitality.  

Due to our ability to provide into sixteen international sectors, we are able to provide our global network with a range of case studies that attest to the effectiveness of our solutions. View our products online or contact our friendly staff to find the ideal solution for your business's needs. 

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