RFiD Systems

16 June 2022

Air Lock System

What is an RFiD System?

Radio Frequency Identification Systems are more commonly known as RFiD systems and make a great addition to your asset security!

This wireless system communicates via radio frequency using tags. The tags are attached to your valuables which can then be tracked once removed from their kept location until returned. This type of security makes a top choice for supply chains, warehousing, and transportation businesses.

How Does This Aid Loss Prevention?

RFiD systems provide complete traceability of your goods and assets as they move from one location to another.

Because this system uses radio frequency, it gives data in almost real-time. This helps those who need to keep an eye on where goods are whilst on route or for those who handle many keys for a building, perhaps.

This flexibility in portable or fixed and being able to track in real-time help reduce the chances of loss prevention. You can know where your assets are at all times.

Benefits of RFiD Systems

Similarly to aiding loss prevention, RFiD Systems has other benefits to consider when considering these for your business.
Tracking and Managing Assets/Valuables
Depending upon the RFiD system you install, you may be able to track your assets around the entire building. Readers for these systems can be placed throughout a building quickly, giving you peace of mind knowing which room your keys have been left in or where your goods are located.


This security method is time-saving and cost-effective for the safe storage of your goods and valuables in the workplace.

Eliminates Human Error

Removing the need for human interaction, in turn, reduces the opportunities for human error. Keys would be tracked around a building; goods can be traced along their route.

Increases Operational Efficiency

This gives a smooth and efficient operation to move your assets from one location to another. It is done without the need for manual interaction.

Keytracker's Range of RFiD Systems

Keytracker offer three different RFiD Systems, depending upon your needs.

The RFiD Airlock system can be fitted to any airlocked area. This can be existing or new. It does not matter. Once installed, it will audit everything in the room and will track what a user takes from the room and when they have entered or exited the room.

Alternatively, you may prefer an RFiD Gateway. This can be incorporated into any existing doorway area. It is an external caged unit known as an intelligent doorway. It records everyone who passes through it and what they have to hand.

For a much larger scale RFiD system, the RFiD Mapping system might work for you. This is when you have readers installed about the building, in rooms and corridors, for example. This way, any tagged items are tracked throughout the entire building, not just in or out of a room.

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