Glass front key Cabinet

Top 5 Benefits of Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets are a safe option for businesses with a large number of keys in use. Key Tracker offers a range of key cabinets that suit the needs of the client, ranging from heavy-duty cabinets to electronic cabinets and any available support for those not able to fix directly onto walls.

What are Key Cabinets

Key cabinets are a way of controlling who has access to keys on-site within a business and ensuring they are kept secure when not in use. Key Tracker offers several options to clients to suit any budget and requirement. Each type of cabinet has its benefits, depending on the solution you are looking for.

5 Benefits of Key Cabinets


Key cabinets from Key Tracker are made as wall-mounted, heavy-duty solutions. They are made using bespoke steel and help a business reduce the chances of key loss.


All key cabinets come with self-closing doors and are made with quality steel to help give re-enforcement. The mirror door cabinet options allow for an extra level of security in knowing who is around you at the time of opening your cabinet.

Burglary Resistant

The police approved cabinet offered by Key Tracker is the only one of its kind and offers not only a reinforced steel build but also a 7mm deadbolt lock and is burglary resistant. This cabinet has been designed to offer a top-quality level of security for your business keys.


Electronic key cabinets are also available from Key Tracker. In a world where the Internet of Things is ever-evolving, keeping your physical keys safe in an electronic, authorisation controlled key cabinet is an effective move forward for the business.

Accessories and Support

Should you need additional support for your key cabinets, Key Tracker also offer cabinet plinths, key hook panels and cabinet supports. These all give clients to option of keeping keys safe, without having them mounted to a wall-based cabinet.

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