Secure Key Management

22 July 2022

ecos key cabinet systems various sizes

The Need for Secure Key Management

As a business owner, it is vital that all keys are accounted for at all times. In order to do this well, a good and secure key management system is needed.

Keys can open the door to data breaches, valuable security and more. When you have a large site or multiple sites, key management can only become harder and yet more important. There is also the element of ensuring keys are accessible to those who need them.

There are many options available for securing your keys from peg boards to cabinets and lockers, or software systems.

Keytracker's Secure Solutions

This is where Keytracker comes in!

We have a vast range of secure key management systems and solutions that suit any and all size of business or customer.

Our Range

Our mechanical systems include a range of peg-in and peg-out boards, magnetic blocks and digital lockers.

  • Peg-in, Peg-out Boards – these are available in a variety of sizes and offer an accessible but secure key management solution for smaller businesses.
  • Magnetic Blocks – these magnetic blocks are incredibly strong and allow for a secure key management system that can remain accessible.
  • Digital Lockers – our digital lockers have been designed to allow storage of valuables easily, but also to reduce the need for physical keys in the workplace.

Cabinets and Intelligent Lockers are also available from Keytracker.

We have a vast range of cabinets and lockers available, ranging from glass fronted cabinets, to police approved cabinets and asset storage lockers.

  • Cabinets – a variety of safe and cabinet options can be found at Keytracker, including glass or mirror fronted cabinets to aid in extra visibility, police approved cabinets to provide extremely secure management options, and key hook panels to ensure you cabinet holds as many keys as safely as possible.
  • Intelligent Lockers – our intelligent lockers have been designed with simplicity in mind. They allow businesses to share access via QR-code, pin or fingerprint recognition, meaning assets or business documentation can be stored away securely, but accessible to those granted access.

Electronic key cabinets give an added layer of security to key management. Keytrackers Ecos and E-Track ++ cabinets are designed with security at the forefront.

  • Ecos Cabinets – these cabinets use built-in intelligence to give administrators control over all individual keys kept in the cabinet.
  • E-Track ++ Lockers – These lockers combine a number of secure features. They are accessed via a pin control panel, but also allow key tracking through the e-Track software.

Keytracker have control software’s available for clocking staff in or out of buildings, but also within their electronic key cabinets, meaning they can help a business have full traceability. This can be pivotal for a business when they have a number of keys across a number of sites.

They also have a range of RFiD Systems which track keys around a building through radio frequency, again giving the business full traceability of their keys.

Get in Touch!

For more information about our extensive product range, or to get hold of your secure key management solution today, contact Keytracker via our contact form or call us. One of our professional and friendly team members will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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