Loss Prevention

Track Items with Key Loss Prevention Systems

Loss prevention systems such as an RFID door lock can be implemented in storerooms, warehouses, factories, retail stores, and any other location where you want to prevent theft and misplacement.

Our state-of-the-art key loss prevention solutions use RFID technologies to track large quantities of keys. These solutions may also be used for tracking any valuable item in your building. You may even track vehicles through secure areas and garages.

These systems work by positioning RFID door readers in key areas. Along with door readers, RFID scanners may be installed on walls or ceilings, depending on the loss prevention system.

Using our Keytracker software, the tagged items or keys can be tracked anywhere in your building or commercial property. You simply need to add a Keytracker RFID tag to any item that you want to track.

These RFID products can be used alone or together to monitor and track items in designated areas. You may even combine these products with our web-based software to automatically track all item movements. Administrators can easily monitor use and assets in real time from the web-based application.


RFID Solutions for Businesses in Any Industry

We have a variety of options to suit any business, including a cost-effective RFID door access system. With these solutions, you can prevent unwanted access to designated areas or prevent employees from removing specific equipment or devices from a room or area of your building.

You may also benefit from an RFID door lock system, which provides additional access control for your commercial location.

For example, with the Keytracker Gateway, you get an intelligent door system that can be fitted to any storage area or workspace. Using RFID technology, you can record all tagged items that pass through the gateway. You can even incorporate our RFID technology into any existing or new airlock area. The RFID components are installed within the walls or ceiling panels, remaining invisible to the user.

These solutions are affordable and convenient, especially when you consider the reduced risk of equipment loss or theft. Most theft within an organisation is internal. With these solutions, you help eliminate the opportunity for employee theft of expensive tools and devices.

Contact us today to discuss your loss prevention needs and enquire about our RFID technologies.

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