Electronic Systems in Key Management?

16 September 2022

ecos key cabinet systems various sizes

For many businesses, having an efficient system in place to manage your assets and keys is vital. Not only does this allow you to streamline processes in house, but it ensures your keys are safe or tracked at all times.

Electronic Systems are a great solution for businesses looking for simple to use key management systems.

Benefits of Electronic Systems

There are a number of benefits to installing an electronic system within your workplace including:

  • Increased levels of security for your keys
  • Efficiency and time saving methods
  • Easy to access
  • Gives complete control to management
  • Allows you to control authorised personnel
  • Helps aid in loss prevention
  • Removes the need for manual handling of keys within the business.

Each of these benefits can help improve how a business operates. Particularly useful for industries like the automotive sector who handle a large number of car keys daily, this type of solution would aid in their efficient customer service for example.

An example of how KeyTracker have helped in the automotive sector is our Renault Retail Group case study.

KeyTracker Solutions

At KeyTracker, we offer a couple of Electronic Systems for businesses to choose from.

KeyTracker offer the e-Track++ System. Cabinets designed for fast access and use whilst ensuring maximum security of your keys. This electronic system is available with or without cloud hosting. One of the main benefits to the e-Track ++ system is that it has live key tracking incorporated through e-Track web software. This gives complete transparency to authorised users with regards to where their keys are at any given time. It has a back-up system with cloud hosting to ensure that no data is lost and can be access remotely when necessary.

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