Secure Asset Management in Retail

20 October 2022

Keytracker for Retail

The retail environment can be one full of uncertainty, loss, and frustration if assets are not monitored and tracked well. Loosing a key could cause a domino effect on your daily business for example, or the theft of your store assets can cost you dearly.

This is why Keytracker provide solutions for secure asset management in retail. Having the ability to track your assets and keys, provide store security and put prevention methods in place can reduce theft, ensure you know where your assets and keys are at all times, and reduce human error where possible.

Keytracker Solutions for Retail

Keytracker have a wide range of products that can be of benefit to the retail industry, not just on a shop-by-shop basis, but for entire retail complexes as well!

For secure key management, mechanical systems are a solution that can be offered with a number of size options available. Peg-in, Peg-out boards or magnetic blocks are available for a smaller number of keys to secure; however if you are looking for something for your assets, mechanical lockers with digital locks are also available.

If you are looking for something with more traceability, the electronic systems we offer may be your solution. The Ecos System or E-Track Systems we offer are available in a number of different sizes (dependant on the number of keys). The Ecos system is designed with security as paramount. It uses built in intelligence, giving administrators complete control over access to the secure keys in the cabinet.

For assets, our Intelligent lockers range may be a solution with security being key. Your assets remain secure throughout the day, preventing loss or theft.

On an individual store basis, an RFiD Gateway may be of use in order to reduce the chances of theft. Tagged items are tracked through the gateway and only allowed if the person is an approved user.

On a wider scale, for an entire retail complex, you may consider RFID Mapping. This is an incredibly intelligent system that allows the entire complex to be mapped and all tagged keys or assets within the area are tracked wherever they go. This provides ultimate traceability and visibility, particularly useful for high security keys.

Benefits of Retail Security

Securing assets and keys in retail is hugely important for stores and complexes. Having security can give traceability, reduces the changes of human error in securing assets, helps with loss prevention and acts as a natural deterrent in stores.

With Keytracker able to offer a vast array of solutions, there is no reason for assets and keys in retail not to be secure at all times!

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