Electronic Key Cabinet Management Systems

Keytracker Electronic plus system:

Fast access to all keys for all authorised users after opening the cabinet, with full reports.

Keytracker Electronic Secure system:

Fast access to only the specific unlocked & illuminated keys for each authorised user after opening the cabinet, with full reports.

Cost Effective Intelligent Key Management Solutions

For businesses of all sizes that require perfect solutions for their key management needs.

Established over 20 years ago to supply secure, fast-access, mechanical key systems for auto dealerships, the comprehensive range of key management options rapidly grew to include electronic cabinets and continuously developing software, improving efficiencies, security and speed of service in all areas.

Easily operated by 5 to 500 employees in any 1 building, Keytracker systems help save time and reduce the risk of theft, providing the perfect management solutions for keys, tools, equipment, and other valuable items.

To explore these options in your workplace by implementing an effective method for improving the way you manage and track keys and other equipment, contact us today.