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07 December 2022

As the world moves towards relying heavily of technology and digital means, KeyTracker have created a digital, cloud-based solution for key & asset management.

Cloud based systems are reliant upon network servers and allow you to have a database in one place, accessible from wherever you are. A time saving and cost-effective means of security is also a benefit to any business, giving them reassurance that their keys & assets are secure at all times, and they can see when anything is on the move.

Benefits of Cloud Based Services

Cloud based services come with a number of benefits:

  • Accessibility – the cloud-based database is available on any mobile device wherever you are
  • Flexibility – the software can be tailored to your business requirements
  • Cost Saving – this is a cost saving system that gives maximum security for a lesser price
  • Security – keys & assets are secure at all times
  • Traceability – all assets and keys that are tagged in the database are traceable at all times. This trackability also aids with loss prevention.
  • Automation – this reduces the likelihood of human error and helps with loss prevention

KeyTracker's Control Software

KeyTracker have kept up with the market as it has moved towards cloud-based systems and are pleased to have designed and developed a simple, yet powerful key & asset management system based on the cloud.

The KeyTracker Cloud Software (KCS) is a cloud-based service on one database. The database is accessible from any mobile device wherever you are, giving you control at all times. It has been designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. Businesses are able to tailor the software for their requirements, grant access to specific users and give users a friendly and simple interface to work with daily.

As a software designed for key & asset management, it has incorporated security within it as a paramount feature. Every key or asset within the database is tracked at all times with complete transparency on the database and traceability. Management is able to build and download reports showing the movement of assets within a specified time frame for audit trails too!

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