Why is Key Management So Important?

25 January 2023

As businesses continue to grow and expand and the world becomes increasingly dependant upon digital means, it is important as a business to consider how you manage your keys. It is vitally important for any business to know where your keys are at all times to help prevent loss, avoid theft, and remove hinderance in the workplace.

Components to Aid Key Management

There are many ways to ensure key management is maximised. Keytracker has designed a vast range of solutions that can be tailored towards any business and its unique needs.

Whether you are looking for mechanical solutions, electronic cabinets, intelligent lockers, or large loss-prevention systems, Keytracker has a solution for you.

There are a number of components involved in key management that Keytracker have considered with their products:

  • Key cabinets
    • Depending on the size of your business, there are key cabinets that can be recommended to you
    • Designed to house your keys with ease
    • Work alongside access and retention pegs
  • Authentication
    • For units that require authentication, this can aid in reduction of access, reducing theft or loss
    • This aids in accountability and traceability of your assets
  • RFiD tags
    • These systems are designed to give complete transparency and traceability of your assets
    • Giving real time data for where your keys are at any time
  • Control software
    • Provides the ability to see activity and report on this regularly
    • Can be cloud based, giving access in the building or wherever you are
    • Allows complete traceability of keys
Mechanical Systems Grouped With Key

Benefits of Key Management

Not only does key management come with lots of components, but it has a number of benefits for business.

Loss Prevention

Human error is always possible with any keys or assets, but with the use of RFiD systems, keys can be tracked at all times, aiding loss prevention.

Accountability & Traceability

RFiD systems or cloud-based software gives complete accountability and traceability with real time data on your keys. If you have keys being accessed all day, why not consider this type of system to maximise security of your keys and assets in real time.

Improved Accessibility

With software available for intelligent lockers and RFiD systems, as well as access permissions built into mechanical systems, it is easier to grant access to those who need it and keep a track of who can remove your keys at all times.

Efficient Workflow

Having ease of access to keys can improve the efficiency of your business. No longer needing to rummage through keys to find the one you need, Keytracker systems make it easier to find what you need at any given time. This maximises your workflow and improves productivity across the business.

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