Incredible tax break boost now open to businesses

19 April 2023

Investing in Keytracker Smart Lockers:

An incredible tax break boost is now open to businesses

The Spring Budget 2023 saw generous tax allowances being announced for business investment as the Chancellor disclosed the government’s latest plans for economic growth. The ‘full expensing’ measure will enable organisations to claim back up to 100% of the cost of any IT equipment and machinery investments for three years starting this month.

The tax incentive will undoubtedly come as a welcome step for organisations who have weathered the storm of the recent energy crisis only to face corporation tax hikes in the months ahead. However, the new investment incentive offers firms the confidence to innovate and grow, making now the right time to invest in a smart and secure solution for managing their tech assets.

While organisations may now be more inclined to invest in the technology needed to level up their internal systems and processes, they may also wish to consider implementing an agile IT infrastructure that will protect their investments for years to come. The Keytracker range of intelligent lockers and key machines provides just the solution, allowing businesses to store, charge, vend and manage a wide range of digital devices and keys.

Falling within the remit of the equipment claimable immediately and in full, as per the full expensing policy, KT lockers and key cabinets may now be purchased at no risk to businesses. In addition, each locker or key system offers a host of benefits that extend beyond the three-year incentive period, including:

Drop Off & Collection Lockers

Advancement through Automation

KT lockers and key cabinets remove the need for essential devices and key bunches to be manually distributed by managers, typically restricted to set working hours, meaning that organisations can extend their operating hours to 24/7. Not only does this present opportunities for boosting income, it reduces the unnecessary expense of additional wages, inactivity, and of course misplaced assets and keys.

Transformation through Technology

Each Smart Locker System boasts a range of cutting-edge software functions dedicated to improving the performance of assets whilst prolonging the lifetime of batteries, including Last-In, Last Out (LILO) and charge authentication. Features also include real-time audit generation to provide organisations with greater visibility over essential assets, enabling items to be kept in service for longer while preventing disruption and reducing expenses.

Income through Innovation

Aside from the clear cost-savings provided by automating operations, KT locker systems can also be implemented in Pay-to-Use (PtU) mode to provide staff, visitors, or customers with a facility for storing and charging personal assets at a given fee. Income streams may also be generated through PtU drop-off and collection services, providing the additional benefit of enhancing user experiences through convenient and contact-free locker systems.

Longevity through Keytracker

As the most versatile and robust locker systems available anywhere in the world, KT lockers provide organisations with a future-proof solution which can adapt to their needs as they evolve. This means that the benefits these systems bring can be sustained long after initial investment, with configurations easily modifiable to accommodate requirements yet to be identified.

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