License fees, cloud hosting and SLA’s (extended warranties) explained:

License Fees

License fees are essential to keep your software at peak performance. Yesterdays software is out of date, in fact this mornings software may have already been improved, so enabling over-the-air updates from Keytracker allows us to keep your equipment as future-proof as possible. Our skilled specialist software engineers are working continuously with businesses just like yours, helping them overcome new challenges every day, then transferring those solutions or speed modifications to help all customers. Friendly staff at our U.K. head office manned help desk are always available in case you forget your password or need help.
Your license fees collectively pay for these, but at only £1000 per customer per year and £200 per cabinet, we ensure you get the best possible value for money and all the benefits of users, who vary from the Bank of England and Ministry of Defence to the largest car dealers and estates departments. Others charge more to satisfy shareholders, but we are here for our customers and always guarantee the best possible value for money.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the way forward for most businesses, avoiding costly and time consuming servers, layered & often compromised firewalls, power supply & outdated kit worries. We use AWS, figuring that if it is good enough for all the Formula 1 teams, moving massive amounts of data at the speed of light, then it is good enough for us & our customers. Let others have the worries of automated back ups, failsafe transfers, secondary & tertiary backed up servers in different parts of the world, expensive most modern equipment and keeping everything working at peak performance. For only £1000 per year it is worth it’s weight many times over to any business that relies on Keytracker products to maintain their very best efficiency & keep all customers served professionally.
Actually at Keytracker you don’t have to have a license or cloud hosting, it is always your choice.

Extended Warranty Service Level Agreements

Extended warranty service level agreements you have wisely invested in the very best and latest equipment to keep track of some of your most valued and regularly used assets, all of which include a market-leading no quibble 2 year parts & labour warranty.
Even the finest Swiss watches, aeroplane engines, cars, machinery & equipment should be maintained to keep it working exactly as you want it to … perfect every time - so our optional service level agreements include visits to keep your hardware working at its peak, preempting any issues and eliminating down time - but in the unlikely event that you do suffer an issue of any kind then our specialist engineers are on hand to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss and at reduced costs.
All engineers are full time Keytracker employees with regular training and complete commitment to Keytracker customers. - annual costs are around 8% of purchase price, providing complete peace of mind and could save a great deal.
Actually Keytracker customers don’t have to take this either … your choice.

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