Lock out Tag Out

The Safe Component

Lock out Tag out (LOTO) is a component of your safety program that is essential for keeping your workplace safe and compliant. It helps to safeguard workers around the machinery and equipment they operate, service, and maintain. Activating the equipment or power source before these tasks are complete puts the person maintaining or servicing it at risk.

When working with heavy machinery, it only takes a small accident or a bit of carelessness to lead to serious injuries. That’s why implementing procedures is an essential part of any industrial program. This is why KeyTracker recommends the Lock Out Tag out product.

But there’s more to it than just getting a set of locks and tags. A good Lock out Tag out program needs to be carefully thought through.

Using unidentifiable locks to lock-out machinery for service and maintenance purposes poses a significant health and safety risk to any business.

Padlock Storage Bar

The Padlock Storage Bar, attached to either the Mechanical Key System or Electronic Key System, will securely store all numbered locks, whilst the system keeps all keys readily available and secure. This provides peace of mind that all users on-site will know who is working on or in what machine.

Padlock Storage Bar

Padlock Storage Bar

The Mechanical Key Management System will provide you with instant identification of who has what key and padlock whilst also ensuring the speedy return of all padlocks. Each padlock is numbered, and each Key Retention Peg has a number which matches the padlocks. When an on-site worker requires a padlock, they use their personalised Key Access Peg to unlock the key for the padlock. The Key Access Pegs come in a wide range of colours and can be engraved with staff initials.

The Electronic Key Management System works in line with intelligent web-based software, which will provide you with a full audit trail of who has had what key, what time it was taken and what time it was returned. Users who require a padlock will need to enter their unique PIN code, swipe their access control card, or use their fingerprint to enter the system. Just like the Mechanical Key Management System, each padlock will have a number which matches the keys that are locked into the system.

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