Rental Options

Rent Before You Buy

How “Rent before you buy” option works:

This trial allows users to fully assess the system's compatibility with their requirements before committing to a full purchase.
First we all design your perfect Keytracker system.
Then we work out the total cost and divide by 100 to calculate the weekly rental.
You pay 16 weeks deposit plus any delivery or installation costs and your first months rental. Monthly rentals are then paid by standing order.
If you wish to purchase at any time, the 16 weeks deposit and 12% overall extra discount is deducted from the purchase price & invoiced. 
All rentals stop being invoiced at the end of the month of purchase payment.
If you choose to return the goods simply let us know, stop paying rentals and deliver back to our factory within 16 weeks.
Rental invoices will stop on receipt of all items - any missing items will be invoiced.
Whilst on rental all items include full manufacturers warranties.
There is no minimum or maximum rental term.
The next stage is to work out exactly what Keytracker items your operations require to improve efficiency & security.
Any one of our team would be pleased to work with you on this, having supplied many others with similar operational issues.