Smart Storage Lockers

The Benefits of Our Lockers

  • Straightforward to Use

With our smart storage lockers, you can easily access them with digital or electronic systems. With our software, you can track and manage your assets from your devices.

  • Contactless Operations

Drop off or collect parcels, control keys or assets without the need for colleagues on site. Access your things out of hours, with smart storage lockers, for a seamless approach to retrieving and dealing assets.

  • Safe and Secure

Your belongings and equipment are safe in our lockers, with pin codes, QR codes, fingerprint access and others, you can be sure that no unauthorised access can get in.

Intelligent lockers are designed to be used for each organisation and are adaptable to all industries. Read more about the sectors our intelligent lockers serve on the iLockerz website.

Business Asset Loans

Does your place of work need solutions for better, safer storage? With our smart storage lockers, you can have better management of laptops and tablets, or file important documents. With pin or QR code entry as well as smart technology, our locker systems have advanced solutions for Business Asset Loans. You can have equipment readily available and accessible to all people within your organisation with ease. With advanced, built-in software, our smart storage lockers will track asset movement efficiently.

Personal Item Storage

Hire our lockers for a hassle-free service for users who need quick and simple solutions for storing & retrieving their belongings. With power facilities, users can charge items in our smart storage lockers. For short-term storage in any environment, our intelligent lockers can be set to pre-booked, free use or pay-to-use capacities too. Great for leisure centres, workplaces, or personal use for emergency services staff.

Drop-Off and Collection Lockers

For a convenient solution to parcel collections, our drop-off smart storage lockers can be used indoors or outdoors. They are programmed to track the process and they make it easy for students or colleagues to access equipment seamlessly without disruption. A contactless operation means out-of-our services can run smoothly and the collection of keys, assets, passes and parcels can be straightforward.

Key Lockers

KeyTracker's locker systems allow a secure drop-off and collection arrangement for key control. Easy to use and electronically accessible, a team member can lock a key into our smart key locker and enter an email address on the touchscreen pad. The customer receives an email with a QR code and pin that they can collect from the locker and all the data is collected and tracked within the software. Create a wealth of opportunities with our smart storage lockers to promote the growth of your organisation.

Drop Off & Collection Lockers

Contact KeyTracker

For more information on the best lockers for your business, workplace or personal use, contact the team today. Our intelligent lockers are available to hire or purchase. We’ll help you find the best options for your organisation and install them efficiently so that your place of work can get the most out of them.