The Benefits of Key Cabinets

Types of Key Cabinets

With a key cabinet, you can neatly store all your keys in one place, making it a breeze to locate the one you need. Plus, they offer added security by keeping your keys locked away when not in use. Say goodbye to lost keys and hello to a more organized life with a key cabinet. Here are some of the benefits of key cabinets at Keytracker...

Glass and Mirror Fronted Cabinets

All cabinets are designed with clients' needs in mind, regardless of business size. Keytracker offers both glass and mirror-fronted cabinets. Our glass-fronted cabinet are a heavy-duty solution with self-closing door hinges. Customers have a choice of left or right-handed openings to suit their needs. Available in any colour, they all come with a neural and smart powder coating and can be fitted internally with a simple board or panel fitting.

Another option for customers is a mirror-fronted cabinet, a secure alternative. This provides additional security as you can view whose behind you as you access the key cabinet. 

Police approved commercial key cabinets

Police Approved Cabinets

For the top level of security, Keytracker provides the only police-approved secure cabinets. These reinforced stainless steel cabinets come with armoured security locks with a reinforced casing, 7mm thick deadbolt and drill-resistant plates. All of these key features offer maximum burglary resistance and have an override function built into the stainless steel. For a top-level security key cabinet, Keytracker provides the highest-level solution, putting your mind at ease.

Electronic Key Cabinets

For clients in need of an authorisation key safe option, our electronic key cabinets are available. All of these safe options keep keys organised, and secure and still allow quick access for authorised personnel. With a variety of sizes available, we can find you the best solution. Easily integrated into establishments, our intelligent lockers are the perfect option for tracking keys as well as securely storing them as they can store data or work alongside software that generates reports of key and asset management.

Cabinet Support and Security Accessories

  • To accompany our range of key cabinets, we offer support and security accessories. The cabinet plinth offered is an option available for those not able to mount their cabinets to the wall. It gives a cost-effective solution where you cannot fix your cabinet. 
  • Alternatively, cabinet support is available for those who do not have the ability to locate or fix walls. This is a cupboard that allows you to store your cabinet safely with additional space for consumables should that be needed. For those who have a large number of keys, a key hook panel is available. This can be drilled into the wall directly or slotted into an existing cabinet.
Cabinet Plinth
Key Hook Panels for Cabinets 2