The Cost of Poor Key Management

17 January 2024

The Hidden Costs of Inefficiency

1. Security Risks

Haphazard key management can compromise security. Lost or misplaced keys may fall into the wrong hands, putting essential assets, such as vehicles, at risk. Lost keys can lead to additional costs for addressing security breaches such as paying for other security measures. 

2. Lost Productivity

Have you experienced the frustration of searching for keys when you’re already running behind schedule or trying to access restricted assets? This arguably stressful situation can slow you down tremendously, resulting in a loss in productivity. The time taken away from operations is spent looking and fumbling for keys and potentially missing out or spending less time on important work tasks.

3. Increased Downtime

In businesses that rely on organisation skills to manage incoming and outgoing clientele, such as car dealerships or auto repair shops, inefficient key management can result in increased downtime. Workflow comes to a standstill as staff members are forced to spend time re-organising their key management process as some keys may have gone missing, been stolen or are in need of repairs or replacements. Valuable time is also spent waiting for access to keys or waiting for someone with access to those keys due to an inefficient system. The disorganisation can lead to confusion and mix-ups which could potentially affect your clients and future sales. 

4. Replacement Costs

When keys are lost or damaged due to poor management, the immediate solution is often the issue of replacements. This incurs additional costs, especially if the key in question grants access to a valuable asset such as an expensive vehicle. 

5. Administrative Overhead

The burden of constantly reissuing keys, managing access permissions, and dealing with security concerns unnecessarily strains your resources. This administrative overhead diverts time, attention, and funds from more critical tasks and projects.

Keytracker’s Recommended Road to Efficiency

1. Implementing Key Management Solutions

Invest in modern key management that allow you to manage each key transaction easily. Keytracker offers a wide range of customisable solutions for your needs. The Key management solution recommended will depend on the level of security and management needed for your business. The mechanical solutions are a simple system that allows you to see who has which key at a glance. The electronic key solutions can provide real-time insights into the whereabouts of keys, reducing search times and improving overall efficiency.

2. Key Control Systems

Integrate a key control software alongside the mechanical system to gain complete control over key transactions, as you’ll be able to build audit reports and track all events and user activity. This enhances security and simplifies the process of granting and revoking access, reducing the risk of unauthorised key use.

3. Employee Training

Provide comprehensive training on key management practices to employees. This includes emphasising the importance of responsible key handling, reporting lost keys promptly, and adhering to security protocols. 

4. Regular Audits and Maintenance

Conduct regular audits of the key management system to promptly identify and address any issues. Routine maintenance ensures the system remains efficient and minimises the risk of key-related problems. 


Efficient key management is a cornerstone of productivity and security. The wasted time and costs associated with a poor key management extend beyond the financial, impacting time, productivity, and overall efficiency. By recognising the importance of organised key handling and implementing practical solutions, organisations can unlock a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to managing their keys. 

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