The Importance Of Spare Keys

15 March 2024

the importance of spare keys by keytracker

1. Security and Access Control

Numerous access points are common in businesses, ranging from front doors to offices and storage spaces. Having extra keys lowers the possibility of delays in regular operations by guaranteeing that authorised staff can enter these places quickly. It also improves security by preventing unauthorised workers from entering and granting speedy access to those who are designated.

2. Emergency Situations

Having extra keys on hand can make all the difference in an emergency situation, like a fire or other evacuation scenario. Ensuring worker safety and protecting important assets can be greatly impacted by having quick access to departure points or essential regions. Having well-managed, spare keys makes this possible.

3. Reducing Potential Downtime

Suppose that the keyholder is suddenly unavailable and that access to critical regions is urgently needed. Businesses may experience downtime while they wait for the accountable party to arrive if they do not have extra keys. Keeping backup keys on hand reduces these risks and guarantees that things will keep running even if the primary keyholder is not around.

4. Employee Flexibility

Businesses frequently have staffing changes, and depending on their jobs or duties, employees may require access to different places.  Spare keys give you the flexibility you need to quickly adjust to these changes in access control, saving you the trouble of having to go through laborious rekeying procedures.

3 spare keys with key management tags

5. Preventing Lockouts and Delays

A lockout can have a negative impact on any company by delaying supplies, meetings, and customer relations. As a safeguard against these kinds of lockouts, spare keys provide a rapid and effective way to recover access without interfering with business operations. Having a spare key, and knowing where it is allows the business to run as usual.

6. Improving Efficiency

Effectiveness is essential to the success of any firm. Spare keys provide access to different parts of the business premises, which enhances operational efficiency. The general performance of the company and staff productivity can benefit from this efficiency.


Keeping extra keys on hand is not simply practical in the fast-paced world of business, but also a calculated move that enhances the organization’s overall performance. Spare keys are an often-underappreciated asset that companies should prioritise for a variety of reasons, including providing security and access control, reducing downtime, and boosting operational efficiency. Businesses can unlock a smoother, more secure, and ultimately more prosperous future by realising the value of spare keys.

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