Business Device Loans

Business device loans are made easier with Keytracker Intelligent Lockers. They are used in automated management and for the storage and charging of important equipment. Keytracker’s Intelligent locker systems can improve efficiency in the workplace and enhance security, they can help reduce loss, damage, and theft.

Benefits of Business Device Loans

Intelligent locker systems for business device loans have many benefits, these include:

  • Can store mobile phones, laptops, tablets, equipment, and cameras safely and securely
  • QR code, PIN entry, fingerprint access, or the swiping of our card to access the lockers
  • Automate and secure business assets
  • Helps to ensure devices are returned
  • Charging options in the compartment via plug or USB
  • Add your own user groups and set permissions
  • Web-based software that produces reports
  • Access the system from anywhere, by 4G, Wi-Fi or LAN

Our intelligent locker systems are able to be programmed to provide automated services for laptops, handheld scanners, and radio management.

Business device loans

Business Device Loans - Laptops

Keytracker’s intelligent locker systems for business devices such as laptops can ensure laptops are always charged and ready for use. With our system, educational institutions offer a self-service collection and return facility, this is a cost-effective option and can offer the choice of reports and full device tracking. This can be used on laptops, tablets, iPads, and other educational devices.

Business Devices – Handheld Scanners

Our intelligent locker systems for business devices are perfect for securing shared equipment such as handheld scanners, PDA devices, voice units, keys, phones, radios, tachographs, and label printers. We provide a smart solution for companies that require more control over their shared devices and essential equipment that is used at work.

Business Devices – Radio Management

The intelligent locker systems offer a solution for business devices for airwave radios and ESN devices. The key features on offer are a wide range of in-compartment charging options, smart tracker or radio frequency identification technology, verifying every transaction and location of the device. They also have an emergency battery backup.

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