Smart Locker Systems

Here at KeyTracker, we have a huge range of affordable lockers that provide a secure, smart, and effective solution for storage that enables companies to improve their processes and improve the service they offer to their customers.

A smart solution from KeyTracker 

Here at KeyTracker we always find a solution for your storage issues. Our systems are designed and manufactured to provide you with easy fast access to your business keys, equipment, or assets.

Let keytracker help you keep track of everything.

Intelligent smart lockers

electronic-smart-lockers systems

Intelligent Lockers 

We have an affordable range of intelligent lockers, these include:

Business Asset Loans Our smart lockers offer a solution to business asset loans, used for automated management of charging and storing important equipment. Our locker systems can improve workplace efficiency and can reduce damage, theft, and loss.

Personal Item Storage Our intelligent locker systems allow companies to provide a storage location to staff, employees and students can safely and securely store their belongings such as wallets, keys, and purses, you can also recharge mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Drop off and collection lockers Our drop off and collection lockers allow any item to be dropped off or collected at any time of day or night, our systems help to keep customers and employees safe whilst boosting access and business potential.

Contact us about our smart lockers 

Get in touch with us here at KeyTracker to discuss any of our smart lockers, we can offer a no-obligation quotation or a free demonstration at your place of work call us on 0121 559 9000