Electronic Key Box System

Electronic Key Boxes

After a reliable electronic key box system? Keytracker has lockers and cabinets to accommodate all sectors and support their management of keys and assets.

Intelligent lockers are integrated into workspaces in all sectors to provide store, security, and tracking solutions for keys and assets. Keytracker has ideal electronic key box systems for almost every environment. The ideal key box would offer your workforce convenience, time and money-saving solutions, smooth and easy operation and even contactless exchanges.

A key cabinet supplies a lock-up system for keys with a master key; they provide secure and organised storage so that you can visibly track which keys are returned or currently in use. With an electronic key box system, you can manage keys with improved authorised access such as facial recognition or fingerprint access. With fitted Rfid identifiers, a key can be returned to any cabinet and recognised by the system, meaning you can trace key usage live.

Electronic key security solution showcasing the e50 eTrack unit.

How To Choose The Best Key System For You

Identify Your Needs: Begin by assessing your key management requirements. Consider factors such as the number of keys you need to manage, the level of security required, the frequency of key access, and any specific features or functionalities you need.

Evaluate Security Needs: Determine the level of security required for your electronic key box system. Consider factors such as the sensitivity of the areas or assets being secured, regulatory compliance requirements, and any previous security incidents or vulnerabilities.

Assess Key Management Processes: Review your existing key management processes to identify any inefficiencies or areas for improvement. Consider how a new key system can streamline these processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Consider Key Control Options: Evaluate different key control options, such as manual key management systems and electronic key management systems. Choose the option that best fits your security needs, budget, and operational requirements.

Review Access Control Features: Assess the access control features offered by different key systems, such as user authentication methods, access permissions, audit trails, and remote management capabilities. Choose a system that provides the level of access control needed for your organisation.

Evaluate Integration Capabilities: Consider whether the key system can integrate with other security systems or software applications used in your organisation, such as access control systems, security cameras, or facility management software. Integration can improve overall security and streamline key management processes.

Consider Scalability: Choose a key system that can scale with your organization's growth and evolving needs. Ensure that the system can accommodate an increasing number of keys, users, or locations without significant disruption or additional costs.

Assess Ease of Use: Evaluate the user-friendliness of the key system, including the interface, setup process, and ongoing maintenance requirements. Choose a system that is intuitive and easy for your staff to use.

Why Keytracker?

Keytracker Ltd is a leading provider of mechanical and electronic key and equipment control systems for workplaces. Our extensive network of resellers, distributors, franchisees, and agents offers our products globally to customers. We are committed to sharing our vast experience and expertise in managing keys and assets with qualified, ethical, and professional individuals and companies.

We prioritise creating systems tailored to each customer's specific needs and continually strive to develop new products to address market gaps. With the widest range of products available, we ensure that our partners can offer customers comprehensive solutions for key and equipment security.

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Keytracker's Mechanical Solutions provides peace of mind regardless of your business's size. With no batteries or software required, our systems offer simple and reliable control, even for the smallest key sets. Contact us today for more details on an electronic key box system.