Electronic Key Security

Electronic key security is a modern, often-times digital solution for your key tracking and key security requirements. If you're looking to revolutionise the way that your organisation tracks, manages and secures valuable assets, look no further. KeyTracker can provide you with a variety of different solutions depending on your business scale, requirements and other factors.

The cutting edge eTrack Electronic Key Systems bring you a future of security management, offering in depth, carefully constructed key solutions that cater to both SMB's and enterprise needs.

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How Electronic Key Security Systems Work

Intelligent software and sophisticated hardware are used in electronic key security systems to precisely control key access. An ID badge must be provided to a reader in order for it to connect with a central control unit throughout this operation. This device authenticates the user's identification and authorises access to the allocated key kept in safe or secure cabinets. Three outstanding eTrack systems are offered by KeyTracker: the sophisticated e200, the adaptable e100, and the useful e50.

With a fingerprint scanner for exact authentication, an embedded camera to record usage, and wireless connectivity for remote management, the e200 system raises the bar for electronic key security. The e100 system, with a mid-range posture, combines simplicity and security with a PIN code reader and an integrated printer for creating key tags. The e50 system uses a user-friendly keypad and a manual key release mechanism to cater to simplified security for smaller companies. Whichever system is adopted, KeyTracker ensures unmatched electronic key security solutions, protecting your priceless assets with simplicity and precision.

Protect Your Keys with KeyTracker

KeyTracker are the leading key security and tracking company for both electronic key security systems, and more traditional systems such as pegboard style key tracking and more. With KeyTracker, you can trust in our expertise and experience across the various solutions we offer. The best defence for your priceless assets in the world of commercial operations, where security is of the utmost importance, is provided by KeyTracker electronic key security systems. KeyTracker is your strong solution that maintains control and responsibility over your essential resources in a world where illegal access can result in huge losses.

Businesses can track and manage key access completely thanks to KeyTracker's innovative technology. Its cutting-edge technology rigorously captures each contact, showing who accessed the keys, when, and for how long, to quickly spot any illegitimate use. KeyTracker's eTrack systems make no compromises in guaranteeing that only authorised individuals have access thanks to a variety of security features including PIN passwords, fingerprint scanners, and RFID tags. You can keep updated about users and use trends thanks to real-time notifications, which continuously update you on important behaviour. In addition, the system creates thorough reports on significant contacts, promoting compliance and well-informed decision-making.

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