Fleet Management in Northern Ireland

Having a van fleet can sometimes be essential for your business. In Northern Ireland, many businesses own a fleet of vehicles and therefore have a high volume of keys around the building to manage. Keeping your keys safe with the right solutions is a sure-fire way to ensure your fleet stays safe.

Securing Your Fleet in Northern Ireland

When your business relies on fleet vehicles, knowing who has which van at what times can become complicated with the wrong systems in place. Ensuring each key is tagged and able to be tracked in some way can help reduce the confusion and provide security with less chance of human error.

There are a number of ways that you could secure your keys and assets including through KeyTracker’s mechanical systems or electronic key cabinets.

How KeyTracker Can Help

Mechanical Systems are a secure solution for your high volume of keys. KeyTracker’s peg-in, peg-out boards can be used alongside retention/access pegs. The retention pegs allow keys to be secured and only removed by authorised personnel, meaning you know who has the key when it has been removed.

An alternative option within the Mechanical Systems range is the magnetic blocks and board. These are numbered or plain and can be very effective in securing keys. The strong magnets allow you to keep keys safe and only remove when needed. These are particularly effective for vehicle fleets!

KeyTracker also offer electronic key cabinet systems. In particular, KeyTracker offer the e-Track systems with a number of options available, depending upon the number of keys you hold. The e-track systems have been designed to secure keys and allow authorised access only. Access can be through PIN, fingerprint or card access, depending upon your business needs. Each key is secured to a retention peg that is engraved with the number matching the cabinets position. These systems are great for those who wish to use a cloud base system too!


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