Key and Asset Control Software

05 July 2021

Key Control Software

KeyTracker’s has been designed to keep track of all your keys and assets, worldwide

Key Management Software

An easy-to-use tracking web application; it was initially designed to keep track of business keys but has evolved, with many other potential uses. Key and asset control software can be used to keep track of assets, tools, keys, or other equipment that is/are used regularly by different people.

Clever Management Software in The Cloud

Key and asset control software allows you to check keys or assets in and out of the software application at the touch of a button or scan of a bar/QR code, you can compile reports from it and add as many staff/users as required. The reports can easily be exported to an excel spreadsheet file. You can choose what goes into the report, it can include anything from simply checking any item or keys in and out, to adding or deleting a key, item or user. Giving complete control and information about all items and their users.

Modules can be added to increase efficiency and security, these include a signature pad, Handover modules, and Geo tracking.

KeyTracker’s key and asset control software are totally customisable for your business, you can add your own branding or logo.

It has a bespoke web link that makes it easy to access on all devices, including PCs, Laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Loss Prevention for Key's & Equipment

Designed for quick and easy use, key and asset control software will soon become part of your daily routine and with no keys or assets ever going missing again, you may wonder how you lived without it in the first place!

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We offer a free trial, so you can see how it works for your operation and improves your business efficiencies before you decide. With almost limitless cloud capacity and low costs starting as little as £9 per month for 50 items, why not give us a call today on 0121 559 9000, our friendly and professional team is on hand to help.