Drop Off Lockers

09 June 2021

package drop-off and collection locker

Drop off lockers are secure lockers that can be used to drop off and to pick up parcels that have been ordered online. They can be used in online retail for stores as an easy way for customers to pick up what they’ve ordered via an automated system, which offers the luxury of a safe and secure system to give customers peace of mind. Additionally, they can be used for the collection and delivery of keys, entry passes, parcels, and many other items. Drop off Lockers are an effective way to ensure things can be returned and collected, no matter the time of day as there doesn’t need to be somebody physically present to utilise the locker. For example, a customer returning home from work might only be available to collect their item late at night, luckily with one of these lockers, the time of day doesn’t matter!

Key Tracker’s sell and rent intelligent drop off locker systems to securely automate the drop-off and collection of any item 24/7, offering a contactless service whilst boosting business potential and staying convenient for customers.

We offer amazing prices as well as unbeatable rental prices so that you can provide your customers with this luxury service for an affordable price. Here at Key Tracker, we have a Price Promise that ensures we will never be beaten! If you think we have, send us their quote- we will explain, beat it by 5% and even include a free gift!

Benefits of Using a Drop Off Locker

There are many benefits of using drop off lockers including the sheer simplicity they offer for both ends: those delivering and receiving items:

  • For customers that cannot attend during standard working hours, drop off lockers provide collection flexibility.
  • The drop off lockers are also available for both indoor and outdoor installation allowing you the choice in placement for your new drop off facility.  
  • There is minimalistic human interaction meaning customers and staff can be kept safe as all communication is directly with the drop off locker itself.
  • Furthermore, waiting time is drastically reduced as the service is quick with no middleman between the customer and the parcel.
  • Its also an easy user experience as the intelligent lockers are equipped often with a touchscreen control making things much easier and smoother for the customer.
  • You can also monitor the system remotely to manage drop off and collection times – overall maintaining an amazing customer experience.
  • The intelligent lockers can also include camera and voice for interaction.
  • The drop off lockers can also send auto emails, reports and messaging to let customers know their item is available and suppliers know when it has been delivered and collected.

As you can see from the list, there are many convenient benefits included when your business has a drop off locker. They are handy for any type of working environment also, if staff need to utilise the locker as well, there would be plenty of different uses you could get out of your new locker.

Keytrackers Service

At Key Tracker we are proud to say that we have worked with clients throughout 17 different countries during our 25 years of experience. We provide the widest range of solutions on the market for the management of keys and other valuable equipment. We work hard to develop new innovative products in order to fill gaps in the market and cover all corners for our clients.

If you want to find out more information about what different lockers we offer, contact us today!