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Automotive Key Solutions

Keytracker has been serving the automotive sector for over 25 years, bringing solutions for efficient and secure management of keys within businesses. Our key cabinets for car keys are suitable for a variety of businesses such as showrooms, garages and private hires. With a selection of mechanical and electronic products, we tackle the hurdles of misplaced keys and assets, tracing the movement and handling of keys as well as securely storing them. Our reliable systems provide your business with methods of managing keys in a more organised and efficient style. Our cabinets will fit into your workspace without causing an eye sore and they come in varying sizes depending on the size of your business and the capacity of keys you’ll be managing.

Automotive Sectors

Key cabinets for car keys are great solutions for keeping track of cars in garages for repairs. With additional accessories, or organised by number, you can hook the client’s keys up securely until needed. Our cabinets would be a great installation for car dealerships too, enabling a secure space for showrooms. If your business is a car hire or taxi company, our cabinets can work similarly to know when a key is in use and which key is for which vehicle.

For emergency service vehicles, having a key cabinet for car keys would be extremely beneficial for quick and easy access to vehicles but also for ensuring all keys are returned for security.

Cabinet Types

We have a range of cabinets to offer the automotive sector. Our cabinets will benefit many business types or personal uses.

Our glass front cabinets have heavy-duty self-closing doors and can be customised to any colour. With this style, you can visibly see the keys inside, and if you choose accessories like pegs or tags, you can colour-coordinate the keys so you know which key matches each car.

Our self-closing key cabinets for car keys, or safes with locks or codes, accommodate items as well as keys. They’re heavy-duty, meaning they’re durable and secure offering simple solutions for discretely storing keys or assets. They can come with mirrored fronts so you can see the people behind you when unlocking them too.

Our key hook panels for cabinets are simple but effective for storing keys too. Made from steel, they have angled hooks and pre-drilled holes for mounting onto a wall or the interior of cabinets. These hooks make key cabinets for car keys that accommodate different capacities, with a choice of the number of hooks you need.

Electronic Key Cabinets are another effective solution for tracking key movement. They use a multitude of technologies for access and tracking. E-track cabinets use facial recognition, fingerprint biometrics and RFID, working with integrated web-based software. This software analyses movement within your business so that you can trace who is carrying a key, know when keys are not returned and locate them on-site to retrieve if needed. With this information, you can run your business more smoothly, and have more responsibility and efficiency in day-to-day tasks.

Household Domestic Key cabinets are accessed via pins to store keys and valuables in your home. With Rfid pouches to prevent cyber theft and radio frequency identification, you can keep your car keys in a secure safe/cabinet and have peace of mind knowing your cars can’t be stolen. With space to keep personal items too, you can store essential items away and place the safe anywhere in your home. Key cabinets for car keys are great for homes that are in high-crime areas or households with multiple cars.

 Why Choose Us?

Keytracker seeks to provide businesses with key management solutions and improve their effectiveness in the automotive sector. Our products save clients from the inconvenience of lost keys and equipment as well as tracing keyholders so they can concentrate on what they do best-running their businesses. We manufacture our goods all around the world, offering the greatest business solutions together with suggestions for specific customer requirements. We work hard to provide the best customer service and point our customers in the direction of the products that are ideal for their needs.

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