KeyTracker Solutions Rowley Regis

Investing in the People of Rowley Regis

KeyTracker are proud to be based in Rowley Regis and have a strong business ethos of investing in people. They are big investors in their local areas and aim to give people the best opportunities to upskill themselves in the workplace.

KeyTracker are the supplier of top of the range key and asset management and software systems. They aim to deliver customers the best management solutions, whatever the size of the business or their needs. Offering a range of cabinets, lockers, cloud-based systems and more, they have all you need to get secure today!

Electronic solutions

Staying Local...

Being based in Rowley Regis means that KeyTracker are part of the Black Country, and proudly so!

They aim to use their local suppliers where possible to remain with their ethos of staying local. Their team aspires to design and create the best key management systems and storage possible. This allows them to give their customers exactly what they are looking for.

Partnering with local suppliers boosts their efficiency and means KeyTracker are able to supply their customers quickly with the best management systems in the market.

KeyTracker's Outreach

Even though they have a local base for staff and suppliers, they have an extremely widespread outreach. Some examples of case studies that include KeyTracker’s systems being implemented in Buckingham Palace, the Bank of England, Amazon, Hospitals, Rolls Royce and more.

Get in Touch with KeyTracker

If you are looking for something that KeyTracker can help with, contact us today on our Birmingham number. One of the professional and friendly team will be delighted to work with you on your query immediately.

Please note that all products, software and services are proudly designed, manufactured, tested and installed by KeyTracker’s own in-house U.K. employees.

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