Best Practices in Business Key Management

26 June 2023

Manage The Security of Your Key System

One of the most critical parts of business key management is staying organised. You can do this by keeping a master list of all keys and their assets; this information could include the name of the keys, their function, their location, who carries them, and a log of when the key is used to keep track of it. Efficient key management is essential to businesses and organisations for both productivity and smooth operations. KeyTracker enhances your security and reduces the need to replace stolen or damaged property. With a wide range of products to offer, we can improve your security and save you money in the long run.

Using a Key Control System

Keep track of the usage of your keys and who has access to them through KeyTracker’s key and asset control software. With this system, you can track the movement of a key, prevent unauthorised access, and identify those responsible for misplacing any of the keys. Having a system like this in place allows you to regularly inspect keys and any damages so that in the case of such events, the keys can be replaced early on, which is good practice in business key management.

Storing your keys in secure locations and cabinets is essential. They need to be accessible but only to the right authority. When training employees, they need to be aware of the key management process which includes knowledge on how to use and securely store them.

key management

Electronic Key Systems

If your company uses electronic access to locations or equipment, it is good practice to use strong passwords and encryption. This business key management would need system updates to check keys work correctly and that data is backed up. Should there be a system failure or data breach, having a backup is essential. As having electronic access to systems is purposely more difficult to access for unauthorised people, it does need to be accessible during emergencies so this should be kept in mind. These systems are great for tracking staff on site and when they clock in and out of the building.

electronic key system

KeyTracker Products for Key Management

KeyTracker has software that allows you to add all staff and keys with any important information onto a database so you can track key movement efficiently.

We also provide key cabinets and safes so you can store your keys and valuables securely and in an organised space. Check out our products for more information.

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