How Keytracker Systems Operate in The Manufacturing Sector

18 May 2023

In this rapidly evolving and unpredictable world, Keytracker recognizes the importance of providing businesses with secure key and asset management solutions. As we navigate through uncertainties, our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers remains steadfast. We continuously innovate and expand our product range, ensuring that we address both existing challenges and emerging gaps in the market. Our unwavering focus on delivering reliable and efficient solutions allows businesses to maintain control over their keys and assets, regardless of the changing landscape. Rest assured, Keytracker remains dedicated to providing peace of mind and enhancing security in an ever-changing business environment, especially within the manufacturing sector.

We’re aware that organisations in the manufacturing sector need help with misplaced keys and unauthorised access, which often leads to the implementation of manual record-keeping. This process can often lead to inefficiencies, security risks, and unnecessary costs. But thanks to Keytracker’s developments in management solutions, their systems offer a comprehensive solution to address the previously mentioned challenges. In this blog, we will explore how Keytracker’s “T1 Single Unit”, “Intelligent Lockers”, and “Key Control Software” can seamlessly integrate within the management framework, providing enhanced efficiency, security, and peace of mind for the manufacturing industry.

iLockerz personal item storage intelligent lockers
Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Effective management of keys and assets is vital in the manufacturing sector to ensure smooth operations, maximise productivity, and maintain a secure environment. We understand that organisations within this industry often operate on tight schedules and require seamless coordination to optimise productivity. Keytracker’s Key and Asset Management Systems ensure that the right keys, tools, or equipment are available whenever they’re needed. These are a few ways that our systems enhance operational efficiency:

  • Automated Check-In/Check-Out: With Keytracker’s Key Control Software, employees can quickly check out the required keys or assets using intuitive software interfaces or dedicated scanning devices. Automated check-in/check-out processes minimise delays, eliminate manual record-keeping, and improve resource allocation.
  • Real-time Tracking and Visibility: Keytracker’s Intelligent Lockers provide real-time tracking and visibility of keys and assets. Advanced software is built into each locker system to provide real-time information on collected and returned items. It automatically generates a complete audit trail, detailing each transaction as the KT lockers ensure each item can be tracked whilst device usage data is always easily accessible. Managers can quickly identify the status and last-known user of specific items, eliminating time wasted searching for misplaced tools. This visibility enables better planning, reduces downtime, and enhances overall operational efficiency.
  • Durability and Reliability: Organisations within the manufacturing sector require a management process that is both durable and reliable, and Keytracker’s Single (T1) Unit can provide exactly that. Attaching the piece of equipment to the Retention Peg located in the unit with an Anti-Tamper Seal means no one can retrieve the item without an access peg. In addition to the high level of security, the system can be wall-mounted or placed on a sturdy surface.
Drill on wall with single key unit

T1 Drill

Security and Access Control

Maintaining a secure environment is crucial to protect valuable assets, safeguard sensitive areas, and ensure employee safety within the manufacturing sector. Here are a few ways that our systems can enhance security and access control:

  • Restricted Access: Manufacturing facilities often have restricted areas requiring authorised personnel to access them. Only authorised employees can retrieve the necessary keys or assets by integrating Keytracker’s Single (T1) Units with our Key control systems. This integration prevents unauthorised access, enhances security, and minimises the risk of theft or misuse. Keytracker’s Intelligent lockers also allow organisations to store tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other valuable items within the lockers, granting access only to those who have been granted access.
  • Audit Trails and Accountability: Keytracker’s Key Control Software can create comprehensive audit trails for all key and asset activities. This feature accurately tracks who accessed specific resources and when enhancing accountability and deterring any potential misconduct. In case of incidents, the audit trails serve as valuable evidence for investigations and disciplinary actions.
Key Control Software


In the fast-paced and security-conscious manufacturing sector, effective management of keys and assets is vital for streamlined operations and optimised productivity. Keytracker’s Solutions revolutionise key and asset management by automating processes, enhancing security, and providing comprehensive reporting capabilities.

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