Cabinets & Safes

At KeyTracker we have a range of cabinets & safes available

KeyTracker Cainbets

All our cabinets & safes are designed with our client’s needs in mind. We ensure that they meet the requirements of what our customers are looking for.

Our cabinets are made to be heavy-duty, all with self-closing door hinges. They are available in right- or left-hand side openings. They are powder coated in neutral, and they can come in any colour, all have internal channels making simple board or panel fitting and removal easy.

Police Approved Cabinets

Another of our cabinets is police-approved. Our high-security key cabinets come supplied with reinforced stainless steel, the top and bottom armoured security locks have a reinforced case, a drill resistant rotating plate which along with a 7mm thick deadbolt that offers maximum security and burglar resistance. It also has a mechanical/alpha/numerical code lock with key override handle and a stainless-steel lock case.

We also offer glass-fronted cabinets and cabinets with a mirrored front.

Police approved commercial key cabinets
Dependable Personal Safe-Open

KeyTracker's Personal Safe

Our electronic personal safe comes with a unique compact design. It keeps essential personal items and keys close at hand but safe and secure. It has three methods of access, a 4-digit user code, a 4-digit administrator code, and an override key (of which you get two).

The electronic personal safe comes with a rack for your keys and other hanging items and a removable tray for smaller items. It features a fast, secure one touch locking operation, making it easy to use without yielding security.

If you are interested protecting your assets with KeyTracker cabinets & safes, give us a call today on 0121 559 9000 or contact us and we will call you back.

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KeyTracker is based at Station Road, Rowley Regis, but we cover the whole of the UK and strive to create systems and products that suit our customer's bespoke needs. We currently offer the widest range of products available. KeyTracker has vast experience in managing keys and assets for professional individuals and companies. See our case studies to find out who we have been helping.