Key Cabinets For Estate Agents

When it comes to property management, storing keys safely and securely is a key aspect of managing a property.

Estate Agents Key Storage

Estate agents will have many sets of keys that they are responsible for, a simple cupboard with hooks is no longer the safest or best option, keys can get lost or misplaced which can cost the business time and money, not to mention causing an embarrassment in front of potential clients when the keys to the house they want to view cannot be found.

Estate agents will need a secure way of storing keys that are locked away and no record of the property address is attached to the keys for obvious reasons. This is where keytracker's key cabinets for estate agents come in.

Keytracker's Key Management Experience

Keytracker has vast experience in providing secure key cabinets for estate agents, improving efficiency for estate agents all over the UK.

Many of the estate agents we have provided key management solutions for have had more than one office, with many branches the number of keys that needed to be stored was vast. By using Keytracker's products, property keys are now stored safely and securely reducing the risk of theft or lost keys.

We offer key cabinets for estate agents in four sizes, made out of steel, each one can hold a maximum of two mechanical key systems or hook panels. They come with self-closing hinges, and you can choose right or left-hand side openings.

Our mechanical key systems include a simple peg in, peg out solution for managing keys, all authorised users will have a personalised access peg guaranteeing that when a set of keys is removed from the key cabinet, you will easily be able to identify who has that particular set of keys.

We also have electronic key cabinets available ensuring all keys are organised, quickly accessible, and secure to authorised users. Our electronic key cabinets provide auto emails and reports that will show any non-returns.

Keytracker's key cabinets for estate agents are designed with our client's needs in mind. We ensure their requirements are met and work hard with them to achieve the best possible outcome for them and their business needs.

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