Key cabinets for property management

Keytracker can provide key cabinets for property management.

In the property sector, there are many keys that need to be organised and stored safely and securely. Time and money can be spent on misplaced or lost keys. Not to mention the embarrassment in front of clients when the keys you need cannot be found.

Keytrackers cabinets for property management can solve all these problems. We ensure that every set of keys is secure, organised, and easily accessible to authorised users.

We offer many key cabinets for property management in assorted sizes and can be manual or automatic.

Key Cabinets

Our bespoke key cabinets are made from steel and are available in four sizes, each cabinet holds a maximum of two mechanical key systems or hook panels. We can offer glass-fronted cabinets and ones with a mirrored front.

Electronic Key Cabinets

Our electronic key cabinets improve processes and efficiencies across the workplace. Our electronic key cabinets send auto emails and reports, showing any non-returns of keys, and will offer areas that could be improved, all whilst meeting health and safety requirements. Our electronic key cabinets come with a 2-year no quibble warranty, we also offer full unlimited remote support should you need it. A battery backup is included.

Here at Keytracker, we provide cabinets for property management companies across the UK or estate agents. We have supplied bespoke key management solutions for small residential lettings agencies and large commercial professionals. Why not give our experts a call and see what solutions we can come up with for you and your business. Our professional and friendly team is on hand to help with any questions you may have, we also offer free on-site demonstrations to show you what our products can do.

If you own a car dealership or a garage, then key cabinets for car keys would be beneficial too.

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Glass Key Cabinet Front